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The website hosting the Adult Bible Studies family of resources has been completely overhauled, giving it a fresh look and making it easier to navigate. The new site hosts links to and pages for many other products and resources we know you will find helpful.

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Welcome to the Adult Bible Studies family of Bible study resources!

Together, ADULT BIBLE STUDIES and Daily Bible Study are used by over 400,000 students and teachers each week. They are Bible-based, Christ-focused, United Methodist-approved curriculum for use in adult Sunday school classes, mid-week Bible study, and small-group based studies.

Now available at this site are free downloadable materials for each week's lesson. (See Current Events Supplement and Supplemental Resources, at left.) 


For group study

ADULT BIBLE STUDIESStudent (Regular print)
ADULT BIBLE STUDIES Student (Large print)

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For individual study

Daily Bible Study

View or print free samples to share with your class

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"It has been my privilege to teach two lessons to our class. . . . I have found the lessons stressing the biblical and spiritual aspects in a very thorough fashion, hence excellent." (Herb)

"Thank you for the wonderful site that will add so much to the teacher helps for Sunday school lessons." (Mary)

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